Chantier SMP4
Chantier SMP4

Avis de marchés: deadline for applications expired

The deadline to apply for the tender related to the construction of the Lyon-Turin base tunnel in France expired today at 2 pm. In the next few days, the analysis phase will begin in order to select the enterprises eligible to submit a bid. 

The procedure, divided into 3 lots for a total of €2.3 billion, is one of the largest ongoing tenders in Europe. The publication of the contract notice in the Official Journal of the European Union on 15 March 2019 has raised great interest, especially in Italy and France.

More than 90 companies from 16 countries took part in the presentation meetings organised by the trade associations in Rome, Paris and Naples (during the World Tunnel Congress).

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The document illustrates what the public body has done and is doing to ensure that the Mont Cenis base tunnel is built according to principles of sustainable development.

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