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The role of rail in the vision of the Green Deal​



Technologies and engineering to support major tunnels.



Factors influencing traffic scenarios​

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    2021 marks a key year for the strengthening of the transport sector, a year in which the commitment to the future of new generations can have a tangible effect. 

    Environment, technologies and multimodality are the topics that will be discussed by the speakers during the Vision Rail sessions: three international webinars in which institutional representatives, national operators, entrepreneurs, academics and students will share experiences, best practices and goals. The common ambition is to make the rail the most effective and efficient solution for freight and passengers by 2030, the post-Covid-19 decade characterised by the European Green Deal.

    For the organisers, the fundamental question of each seminar is: what initiative should be implemented to facilitate the modal shift from road to rail? During each event, they will answer, together with other guests, giving their personal opinion, and all the collected data will then become a publication: a white paper for EU rail transport.


    SESSION ONE: 16.06.2021

    The role of rail in the vision of the Green Deal

    The Green Deal for Europe aims to cut transport emissions by 90% by 2050. In order to achieve this goal and to ensure that transport continues to play its role in the transition towards an innovative, digital and clean European economy, in December 2020, the Commission adopted its strategy for smart and sustainable mobility. While waiting for an action plan to encourage rail transport, the seminar speakers will discuss measures to improve capacity and simplify booking systems among different modes of transport to further increase the attractiveness of rail.

    Welcome speech: Iveta Radičová, European Mediterranean Corridor Coordinator

    Guests of the round table:
    Eddy Liégeois, Head of Unit TEN-T Network – DG MOVE
    Wojciech Sopinski, Advisor DG MOVE
    Mario Virano, CEO Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin
    Furio Bombardi, Managing Director Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor

    Discussant from Suor Orsola Benincasa University:
    Angelo Pettrone
    Guido Alberto Marsico

    Moderator: Vincent Edin, journalist and author

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